Can not open FDTD, floating error: -5

Hi, I try to launch FDTD-solutions on the Linux workstation remotely. However, there is some error message about “Floating error: -5”

I tried to restart FlexLM , but it could not work.
Could anyone help me solve this problem?

It indicates that you are trying to obtain the FDTD Solutions Design license from localhost, which is your local linux machine. Did you activate your license on this Linux machine?

Check out this KX article for details.

You might have to configure your license to obtain it from the machine hosting your FlexNet license manager


I think the license has been activated.

Please check the FlexNet dashboard if you have activated the license for the said feature or product on your local Linux machine.

You should see the list of available licenses, and FDTD_Solutions_design and FDTD_Solutions_engine should be shown otherwise, you activated a license that does not contain FDTD.

Or if you cannot access FlexNet dasahboard, this means that your FlexLM has not been started or if you already restarted the license manager and FlexLM cannot start, then there something in your Linux installation that is preventing this from starting.

Make sure you are using a supported Linux system.