Can I transfer material model from DEVICE into FDTD or MODE Solutions?



The DEVICE material database contains nitride materials.

However, FDTD Solutions or MODE Solutions do not have these materials in their database. I have only FDTD software installed without access to DEVICE. How can I use Nitrides databases in FDTD ?

Transferring material models between optical solvers

The DEVICE software includes an electrical and a thermal solver. The material database therefore contains electrical and thermal properties of materials and is very different from the material database used in the optical solvers (FDTD or MODE Solutions). Therefore, material models are not transferable between DEVICE and FDTD Solutions/MODE Solutions.

If you would like to use nitride material models in FDTD, you can easily create a new material in FDTD (or MODE) Solutions. Please check this post to see how you can do that: