Can I keep the configuration of 3D vector plots?

Hi everyone.

I would like to figure the 3D vectors of E or H by a profile monitor.
I can rotate the plots as I want by dragging on the figure.

However, once changing the lambda value, vector operation (x, y, z, or Magnitude), scalar operation, etc, the figure setting is reset to the initial angle ( the view from XY surface).

Can I keep the configuration of the 3D figure during changing the parameters?
Otherwise, can I save and restore the setting?

Because I would like to compare the figures by adjusting the parameters, I need to make the figures with the same settings.

Thank you.

Hi @Sho

Unfortunately this is not an option at the moment. We have requested this as a new feature and hopefully it will be implemented on next releases.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi @bkhanaliloo

Thank you for the consideration of the option as a new feature.
I look forward to a new version with the option.