Can I access the license remotely?




Our lab group has purchased the Lumerical FDTD software on our laboratory’s shared computer and has an active floating license (or node-locked?). I am wondering if I can use this floating license to run Lumerical FDTD simulations on my Windows PC laptop when I am away from the laboratory. If so, could you please advise on how I can do this?

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Hi @cmgreen
One license runs for only one engine(computer). It is impossible one license to run in two computers. I think that you can deactivate the license from one computer and then activate it in the another computer. But you can not do this many times, the times are restricted, so please don’t do it. I would recommend you that, if you want to run Lumerical’s FDTD software remotely from you laboratory’s shared computer, then you should use a screen remote control software.

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Hi @cmgreen,
With a Floating license, you can use this to run FDTD solutions from your laptop and access the license from your Lab’s license manager. For access across different sub-networks, you might need the assistance of your Organization’s IT Department, to allow you “remote” access to the Lab’s network. Your IT Department would have to tweak your organization’s security and network to allow access from outside or from the Internet to the local network. More information can be found here:


This was very helpful. I was able to use a VPN to log into the same network. Then I used Remote Desktop to remotely access my Lab’s computer.

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