can field enhanment be calculated using TFSF source

I want to calculate scattering cross section and field enhancement in my structure. I am applying PML boundries in all three direction. TFSF source is used to calculate the scattering crosssection . Can i also calculate the field enhancement using same source that is TFSF because field enhancement using TFSF source is different to that using plane wave source though ?

I think you shoud the different about two kinds of source.
In some situation,they shoul be the same.
the two curve have the biggest difference at the peaks and dips.The trend is similar.So check the difference
of simulation conditions
the two sources
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The TFSF source allows you to calculate the scattering cross section outside of the source box where only scattered fields are present. At the same time, you can consider the total field area inside of the box to be very similar to the case with the standard plane wave source.
The differences could be due to the simulation settings. For example, it is recommended to have uniform mesh inside of the TFSF region. I would recommend to review the following page describing correct usage of TFSF source in order to make sure that you do not introduce any artificial error:

Also, before comparing the results, it is a good idea to execute at least some basic convergence testing:

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