Can doping boundary be curved?


I’m just staring to try DEVICE. It seems that when I define a doping region, the region can only be a rectangular prism. In other words, the boundary can only be straight, or rectangular. I wonder if I can define a curved boundary, e.g. a circular doping region. if so, how do I do it?




Hi @chuan.xie, You can use the “import doping” object to define any arbitrary shape for your doping profile. Take a look at these posts:


Thanks. I’ll try your suggestion.


PS. Can this be made more direct e.g. by adding more shapes under doping?


Unfortunately no. The shape of the doping object is always a rectangular prism. What you can do to define arbitrary doping profiles is to set the doping at different points to different values.


Ok. Thanks.
Does this also mean that when arbitrary profile is used, only uniform doping can be applied?



Sorry I didn’t get the question here. To clarify my previous comments,

  1. If you want a uniform rectangular prism shaped doping profile, use uniform doping object.
  2. If you want a diffusion pattern for the doping profile but still want to dope a volume shaped like a rectangular prism, use the diffusion doping object.
  3. For everything else use the import doping object and define your own doping profile using script.


Ok. I got it now. Thanks.