Calculation of chemical potential of graphene layer by apllied voltage



How to calculate the chemical potential of graphene layer over range of applied voltage?
what is the relation between chemical potential and applied voltage?

Fermi level of Graphene

In CHARGE solver, chemical potential is termed as the Fermi level. So if you want to know the chemical potential of your graphene layer you will have to check the location of the Fermi level. When calculating the value of the chemical potential (Fermi level) you will need a reference and ideally this is the location of the chemical potential in an undoped material at equilibrium (intrinsic energu level , Ei). So the chemical potential will be Ef-Ei_eq.

In our KB example for a graphene based electro-optic modulator we have used the shift in Fermi level to calculate the chemical potential of graphene. Please take a look at the example here: Electro-optical modulator.