calculation of bloch modes in a photonic crystal



I have an array of nanoparticles (Se) as shown in the filese changed unit cell 170nmp 350nm ri1,5.fsp (4.1 MB)I would like to calculate the bandstructure (optical) of this photonic crystal …also the bloch modes…is it possible? what I need to add hre?


For bandstructure, maybe you could take a look at the bandstructure section in the KB. If you are learning bandstructure, I would recommend taking a look at the methodology and watch some related videos. I guess the Planar 3D bandstructure may be of your interest.

For block mode calculation, you may first refer to this example and see if this is something you are looking for. If you have more questions, please reply this post.


yes but then how will it be done in my case?


You will have to convert your simulation file to run some bandstructure simulations. This example might be similar to your case. If you are learning bandstructure, I would suggest looking the bandstructure KB section. There are some great resources to get you started. If you would like to reproduce some more results, I would encourage you to find a published paper to reproduce and learn the behaviour of the software.