calculating ultimate efficiency and Jsc



Dear all,
How can i calculate the ultimate efficiency and short-circuit current(Jsc) Screenshot%20(13)Screenshot%20(14)
and this is the structure funnel_shaped simulation…fsp (254.3 KB)
Thank you.


Hi @ahmed.hesham.elsaeed

We had a similar inquiry in the ost below:
ultimate efficiency

Please take a look at it and let me know if you had any further inquiry.


Thank you so much for your kind help. I tried your method and it didn’t work correctly.
There is a problem (matrix arguments of * are not the same size) in this line,
Pabs_total = integrate(Pabs *fs * ssp * lambda/lambdag,1,lambda ) * SA;
And how can i put the values of absorption in a table, for the same structure, and this is the curve

the range of the wavelength from (300 to 1100 nm)


Hi @ahmed.hesham.elsaeed

The error message simply says that matrix sizes are not the same. Please check your calculations and make sure sure that all the matrices are the same size. You can look at matrix size using size script command or from script workspace:

You can build a dataset following the steps as is explained in the link below:

Hope this was helpful.