calculating external quantum efficiency of plasmonic solar cell

I am currently working on plasmonic solar cell where i need to plot the external quantum efficiency. In different papers i read that they gave different plots of External quantum efficiency vs wavelength only using fdtd. but in knowledge exchange i read some topics where i got the idea that plotting external quantum efficiency is not possible in fdtd. if it is possible in fdtd, can someone tell me how? I don’t know how can i give the url of that paper, so i am giving the link of that paper in ieee xplore: i have also attached the file I am currently working on.New1.fsp (2.3 MB)

Hi @mrinmoy,

As the external quantum efficiency depends on both the absorption of light and the collection of charges, it seems difficult to get this only by doing an FDTD simulation, unless you assume that all the absorbed photons generate an electron/hole pair, and that all the charges are collected in the device. This would be an approximation.

It would be interesting to check the papers you mentioned to see if they make this approximation or if they explain how they get this result.