Broadband photodetector model in INTERCONNECT

Dear Lumerical Knowledge Exchange community,
I am recently facing one problem that the build-in PIN (photodetector) component can only detect the specific wavelength intensity. However, I would like to build a broadband system and read the overall power sum in the PD, is there a method or specific PD in the INTERCONNECT I can use?
Thank you in advance!

Hello @eluan,

You can measure the power spectrum of the optical signal using the optical spectrum analyzer element, then integrate this spectrum to get the total optical power. You could also try using the optical power meter element, which measures the average optical power. Would either of these work for your simulation?

Hi Kyle,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, these components can detect the overall optical power in the INTERCONNECT. However, I would like to obtain the electrical result, namely, I would like to get the optical power value and import it into a PD and see the photovoltage of the PD. Since the optical power meter only has input with no output, could you show me how to gather the optical power in a wavelength range and import the power value into a PD to get the voltage value?
Thanks again.

I am not sure if this is possible. You could try splitting the signal and connecting to multiple photodetectors set to different frequencies, then joining the outputs of these photodetectors back together. Would that work for your simulation?

Yes, Kyle, that is what I am doing with INTERCONNECT. While that will require me a lot of PDs with different wavelengths, as many as the CW-lasers number. But, thanks a lot for your help anyway.

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