Bowtie nano-antenna

Dear all
I designed a bowtie nano-antenna using Rsoft fullwave software to see the electric field enhancement factor in the gap. I got the value of 7.5 . Recently I moved to the lumerical FDTD solution, which is new for me. I am trying to design same structure (please see the attached file) using lumerical but I am not sure that the design is correct or not. also, I am not sure, how to measure electric field intensity in the gap of antenna using this software. could you give please some suggestion or direction, how to reach my destination. bowtie nano-antenna.fsp (279.3 KB)


Dear @monirmorshed.ict

There is a similar topic in KX that you might find it interesting:

Are you trying to simulate an standalone antenna or its a periodic design?

This KB page might not be exactly what you want, but should give you some ideas on how you can calculate the electric field intensity: