Bandstructure monitor


How to show band structure for all length of Bandstructure monitor?

I mean, for example: how to plot band structure in the base and emitter? If just start default settings, I can see band structure from the emitter border to the base border.

Hi @alexander.fedorovski, the link you shared seems to be for something else. Can you please update the link? Thanks.

Ops, after copy link from knowledge base, it follows not correct.
I mean

Hi @alexander.fedorovski, Thanks for checking the link. In the example file, the bandstructure monitor runs through the simulation region in the z-direction and covers everything (both metal regions and the silicon region). However, the bandstructure monitor is designed to only show the band profile in semiconductor regions. This is why your plot shows the band profile from “the emitter border to the base border” and not inside the metal regions.

I hope this answered your question. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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