Bad Allocation



Hey Guys,
I was running a simulation with a nested sweep and i needed to change some parameters in the file and rerun it. The first file didn’t show me the message “bad allocation”, the other one did so. I closed the file and opened it, since most of the problems can be bypassed by that :slight_smile: , not in this case. Tried to “Load from files” since the data is there but after showing this error message again, the sweep visualizer was not complete. It only showed one sweep parameter (Length) of the nested one.

My sweep file looks like that: I am changing the length of an object and within I am changing the width. So the main sweep is “Length”.

Maybe you guys know what to do. If needed I can attach the fsp file here.

Thanks in advance


Based on your descriptions, it does not sound very clear to me what could be the problem. It will be great if you can attach the file to here and give us some instructions to reproduce the issue?