Asserttion failed! line 653


I’m using Lumerical Device to calculate the temperature of plasmonic structures due to optical excitation. It worked for couple of structures but for other I was having the error attached. This error appears after building the geometry and refining the source. Precisely it appears when the simulation is initializing. I really don’t understand the origin of the problem. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi, I might be wrong but these type of error messages usually appear if the simulation setup has some error. For example if the material model is wrong (say thermal conductivity set to zero), or no thermal boundary condition is set (the solver needs at least one thermal boundary with some reference to a temperature). Do you think you might have a related problem in your setup?


Thank you fpr your reply but I doubt that thiis the problem (since I set the substrate temperature to be 300k) and the materials I’m using are from lumerical database. I really don’t understand because for one simulation it is working and the results make sense. I change a little bit the geometry and it is not working anymore! can you please have a look? I attached boàth files the one that is working and the other that is not. I also provided the input power absorbed calculated by lumerical FDTD solutions. Thank you again.
sims_working.ldev (7.1 MB)
sims_not_working.ldev (7.1 MB)
sims_working_Pabs.mat (1.4 MB)
sims_not_working_Pasb.mat (1.4 MB)


Hi, my apologies for the late reply. Looking at your files, it looks to me that the problem might be coming from the geometry building. In the older version of DEVICE (v.5 and older) the solver sometimes had trouble creating complex 3D geometries with curved surfaces (like your circle object). However this issue has been fixed in the latest release (v.6.0.1044 and higher) and I was able to run both the files you provided with the new version. Therefore I believe you will be able to solve your problem by upgrading to the latest version. You can find the installer here: Software Downloads.


Thank you very much! after the update it is working now :slight_smile: though I passed a week racking my brain to know where is the problem. I’d love in the future to receive an email or any notification whenever there is an update :slight_smile: (as all users I guess). Thank you again you’ve been of a great help!