As of July 13th, support registration is required for creating a new topic


How/where do we register if we do have an activation code but we can not see the link in the software?


Hi @Bob_Leuven

What version of the software are you using? You should be able to see the link in software with the latest releases. Any reason why not to upgrade your software to the latest version?


Despite having license for long years, I am unable to see the New topic tab too, Please could you help



The problem is that ICT manages that within the company as it’s on a server.
I’ll have to make a special request for them to upgrade it, but it’s not very trivial.

Also I have no clue about forward/backward compatibility of lumerical.

The things is I do have the activation code which is why I asked and I know that we can sign up, up to a 100 users with the licenses over here but so far none of my colleagues within my department have done so.


Hi @bbb

Sorry for any inconvenience. Con you please follow the steps in the link below to register for support?

and elaborate on any error messages during the registration process?



Hi @Bob_Leuven

I assume upgrading the product is something that you need permission from “ICT”? Once the product is updated (which I believe worth the hassle), you should be able to register for support easily.

Our products versions are compatible, except the INTERCONNECT latest version. You will see a warning message when you save the file with the latest version of INTERCONNECT that you cannot open the file with older version once it is saved with the latest version.


Hi @Bob_Leuven, In addition to the comments above:

  • You can register from any product, so if you have at least one tool that is up-to-date, you can use the in product “Register” button
  • If you are unable to upgrade the tools right away, contact us via and my colleagues will be able to assist you with completing the registration manually


and @ mbenes

It took a while with ICT but we got it resolved and working now, thank you for the help.