Array of gold nano particles in heptamere formation

I am trying to plot absorption and scattering plots for this array of gold nano particles but the fdtd simulation stop without any data on monitors.Could anybody mention what is wrong with my simulation setup? I have attached my fsp file. goldheptamere.fsp (263.5 KB)


I made changes to your simulation file. Here is the modified file. Hopefully this one should work.
goldheptamere-modified.fsp (283.2 KB)

Some of the debugging:

  • FDTD simulation region was 2D. You have to use 3D for simulation as the array of gold nanoparticles.
  • The absorption and scattering regions need to be specified correctly - I have done that for you.
  • Also, is it an infinite array? In that case you might have to further modify the simulation.

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Thank you very much vivek,no it is not infinite .i will look into it.

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