Application Crash

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1. Operating system and version of the machine where the issue occurred

Windows 10 *64, 32BG RAM , Intel Core™ i9-9900k CPU @ 3.6 GHz

2. Lumerical product and software version

FDTD and MODE, 2020 R2.1

3. Description of the issue

The FDTD and MODE solutions ONLY are not stable ; the application would get closed a couple of seconds after they are opened. However, the other modules including INTERCONNECT , Charge are stable and can operate normally. A floating license is being used. This issue has happened recently. Re-installation did not help.

4. Screenshot of the error message
No error message, the prompts get closed suddenly.


  • Were you using a different version on this machine before?
  • Are you running a third party anti virus software, e.g. Norton, McAfee, etc.
  • Try to open a simulation file directly not opening the FDTD/MODE.
    Download the example files from the article below and open the files directly by double clicking on the file.
  • Try to remove the product_preference.ini files from your machine.

Let me know how this pans out.