Antisymmetric wave guide

I tried to validate the paper that Lumerical posted for the case of antisymmetric wave guide to calculate the neff and propagation loss.
“P. Berini, “Plasmon-polariton waves guided by thin lossy metal films of finite width: Bound modes of symmetric structures”, Phys. Rev. B, 61, 10484-10503 (2000)”.
Although there is no problem for symmetric case, the anti symmetric doesn’t agree the paper and get these figures.

This is my simulation

Sorry for wrong uploading…
The simulation file…
WG_anti4.lms (244.4 KB)
The figures resulted are

Hi @nahmed
I tried to find on the internet the paper that you are talking about. After a research, I The only paper that I found, was from Optical Society of America oe-7-10-329.pdf (168.7 KB) . But this is not of the same title . Could you please upload the paper? Here you can find some details about “Asymmetric Slab dielectric waveguide” from Lumerical’s knowledge base.

Hi konslekk
Thank you for your replying and caring… It is exactly the paper…
I will also see your recommended link…
Thanks again

Hi konslekk
Thank you so much…It is exactly the paper I tried…Kindly find my
I will also see the link that you recommended…
Thanks again

Hi @nahmed
In the paper that I have already uploaded, I found something very interesting. In the conclusion of this paper you can find that “The modes guided differ significantly from those supported by the corresponding asymmetric slab waveguide and a similar symmetric finite-width structure.”

Hi konslekk
Thanks a lot for valuable notification.
Sorry for being late to respond due to internet troubles.
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