Analysis groups, contruction and expansion monitor

I’ve been trying for over a day to solve the issue I have been having.

I need to do a sweep over a large number of points, so that means I need to have a large number of different files 120+.
I have an analysis group to do create my structures and to do a number of analysis calculations.

I am using an expansion monitor to do some calculations, and this expansion monitor should be in my analysis group.
The expansions monitor only needs to be calculate it’s modes once (yes this is correct for my setup).
However if it’s in a construction group it needs to be constantly updated, this consumes a lot of time.
My simulations take only about 1-3 minutes each per file, however calculating the modes takes 1+ minutes. Thus drastically increasing my simulation time while it only needs to be once in practice.

Now I’ve tried a few things, updating the modes from a script, but as soon as I change parameters in my construction(analysis) group it creates a new monitor.
So I thought creating a monitor outside the analysis group would work.
What I did was deselect the construction tick mark and but leave the deleteall command.
Then I use a script to move it in the group by using addtogroup, however as soon as I do that, for some ridiculous reason the analysis group updates itself and thus deletes the monitor.
However if I do this manually with “move out of group”, “move up”, “move into group” it does work. However I haven’t been able to find these commands as a script command.

Now, there aren’t any unselect, deselect or invert selection function for scripting, so you can not select all items except one.

So what I tried was making all my structures in the analysis group and then adding those to a sub-group.
While having removed the deleteall function. That way I can selectively remove the sub-group by selecting it and deleting it (this works).
However I need to copy the monitor once it’s moved in the sub-group, back up to main analysis group. (so it won’t get deleted)
In scripts I can use the copytoclipboard function and pasterfromclipboard, however apparently these are not valid functions in an analysis group for some reason.
So there’s still no way for me to preserve a monitor which has already calculated it’s mode and move it out of the sub-group I’m constantly deleting.

This is related to an earlier post, which I solved by updating the modes from the script window, but again shoiw that for some reason that some scripting function are not supported in construction (analysis) groups.

I can’t even find documentation about this which makes it an annoying guessing game.

If anyone could help me with this I would be really gratefull.

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