Analysing cells using SPR


I am new to SPR related studies. I would like to study SPR angle for single cell trapped in a microdroplet. The diameter of droplet containing a cell is about 400um and cell size is about 20um. Pls let me know the following.

Should I model and define the droplets and cells along with its RI on the Gold layer?

What wavelength sizes are recommended to be operated “nm” or “um”?

Depending on the wavelength range you are interested in simulating, the full structure with 400 um diameter droplet might be difficult to simulate using a 3D FDTD simulation due to it’s large size relative to optical wavelengths.

You might want to first start with a smaller region inside the droplet where there is a gold substrate and the cell inside a background medium with refractive index of water. This way you could still get the resonance frequencies for different incident angles of light.

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