AlGaAs material import

I simulate structures including different Alx Ga1-x As (where x=0…1) materials. Therefore I use a refractive index model which takes temperature, wavelength and x i.e. Al fraction as arguments. At the moment I create these structures using py scripts where I evaluate a function including this model and apply the resulting refractive index to the corresponding layers.
Now I want to view results for different frequencies. Is there any way to include such a material in the database which takes several arguments as in my case? Setting the temperature constant to simplify the function would also be okay here.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @bernhard.unterlechn,

Thank you for the question. If you have a material model where the real and imaginary components can be described with an equation you could use the analytic material model, which can take up to 10 numerical arguments. If this won’t work for your model you may have to generate sampled data sets and create a new material for each combination of parameters.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, is it possible to use functions like sinh or cosh in this analytic model?

Yes, you should be able to use cosh and sinh in the analytic material model definition.

Also, keep in mind that the analytic material model is used to generate data points that are then fit to create the material model used by the FDTD algorithm. This means you should still check the material fits in the Material Explorer before running your simulations.

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