Ag-BaO Composite

I need to add Ag-BaO kerr material to my lumerical material database. based on this paper, even if I add a kerr material in material database section of lumerical with kapa3 and permitivity enabled there, as provided in this papaer, I don’t think it would work as Ag-BaO composite! how can I add this specific kerr material ?!
wujinlei-1.pdf (227.5 KB)

I checked the pdf and from the description in the second page, it sounds like the material can be represented by the Kerr material since that takes into account the permittivity and the third-order nonlinearity and the authors mention that the third order non-linearity is the primary nonlinear effect.

However, since the third-order nonlinear susceptibility value that they provide is for their particular film I’m not sure if it would be appropriate to represent a bulk material or other thickness of Ag-BaO film.

The authors also mentioned that numerical simulations are reported on in reference 21. It might be worth looking into that reference to see how they model this particular type of material.


I added kerr nonlinear material in lumerical with 3rd order NL and permittivity options available in lumerical.
but as you said, the thickness, the intensity of incident light and other informations are not provided!