Add voltage to metal

I want to add the voltage to both ends of the metal(AU),but I can’t find the answer in FDTD website. If I can add the voltage,how can I do ? If I can’t add the voltage,maybe you have another way can tell me,and show detail.

This is my structure,you can look it. Thanks a lot =)GOLD nonlinear.fsp (7.1 MB)

Hi, @s105066519 !

FDTD does not suppose to add voltage boundaries.
This type of boundaries is typically met when modeling structures in DEVICE, the result of which can be linked with the other packages (see, for example,

Don’t hesitate to write the specific task you are dealing with, so that we could give you a hing on how to solve it with the full suite of the Lumerical packages.

Dear @s105066519

One small note to add to @msaygin comment is if you are interested to study the optical behavior under applied voltage, please note that FDTD simulations are not meant to capture these modifications. Here is a similar question that might be useful for you to read:

Rather, if you know how the refractive index or permittivity of the material changes with applied voltage (from a reference or another tool), you can define a new material and assign the new optical values. For more information on how to add a new material please refer to this page: