Add material model for amorphous silicon in DEVICE



Hi, I have problems in adding new material in DEVICE. In my simulation, I have to use materials like hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H), but I had a hard time looking for related parameters, like those in Electronic Properties. How can I get these parameters more quickly? Or is there any platform where we can share the parameter settings of the materials that are not included in the Material Database?

the properties of the amorphous silicon and the polysilicon
solar cell
Adding a new material
Material Information
Material Information

Hi. The reason we do not have any material parameters for any amorphous materials is because the band structure of these materials are very different from crystalline semiconductors and you need to use different models for the density of states and mobility or carriers. The scattering models for these materials are also much more complex. You can make different approximations to simulate these materials in DEVICE in certain cases however you will have to collect the necessary material parameters from existing publications where people have done similar calculations.