Activation Error 6023: HostID cannot be null

I’m having difficulties activating Lumerical’s software due to error 6023. Can anyone help me with this?

HI Joe,
I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue!

Can we please try below troubleshooting

  1. Try to open another Lumerical product such as MODE or DEVICE to see if this error arise with all software or just with FDTD
  2. Restart the computer one time and install pending windows update if there is any
  3. Reinstall the latest version of products again from the Lumerical website
    I hope above troubleshooting steps will assist to resolve the error.

Hi Priyank,

Unfortunately, none of those suggestions rectified the problem. I still have the same 6023 error. Any other thoughts? my machine is running windows 10 and is 64bit.

Thank you,

Hi Priyank,

Can you tell me what activation error 6023 indicates?



This error might be related to your FlexNet license manager.

  1. Did you install FlexNet license manager on this Windows 10 machine?
  • Are you running another application that is also using FlexNet license manager?

You can check in your Control Panel > Programs and features, for the list of installed applications on your machine.

  • If you have Lumerical FlexNet License Manager and you do not have a Floating license installed on your machine, we can try and remove this since you are activating a Node license which do not need the FlexNet license manager.

  • If there are other applications using the Flexera license manager, this might be causing problems with your Node license.

Unfortunately, FlexNet is not installed on my machine. :confounded:

This is unfortunate, and the first time we have seen this error. Based on a quick web search, there might be something wrong with the system or flexnet trusted storage files. We will send you additional instructions to try and resolve this in a separate message.

Good to go.

I have been using a USB wifi stick, due to my internal network card having a tendency to blue screen my machine. I’ve been lazy not to pick up a new card. The internal card works for a little while but will ultimately crash my system.

I was able to activate the code after I removed my USB wifi stick and enabled my internal card just long enough to activate the code. I then disabled the internal network card and inserted the USB wifi stick. Everything is working as it should.

Thanks for everyone’s support,