Activating certificate base license and obtaining the license file from a different computer

Activating and obtaining license file for a certificate base license on a Lumerical FlexLM installation without Internet access.

This article show the process to activate and obtain the license file for a certificate base license on a computer with Internet connection.

Depending on your license model. Take note of the license server’s mac address or the 3 mac addresses of your triad servers or the USB Key’s Flex-ID.

This demo shows a Windows desktop with Internet access.

  1. Install the latest version of Lumerical’s FlexNet license manager (FlexLM) on a local Windows desktop/computer.

  2. Open and run the FlexLM activation utility.

  3. Navigate to the Certificate Based Activation and select Manually Enter MAC Address.

  4. Select the appropriate license model; MAC locked license, Triad redundant license or USB Key license.

  5. For MAC locked license, Enter the MAC address of your license server.
    For Triad redundant license, Enter all 3 MAC Addresses of the triad servers.
    For USB Key license, Enter the Flex-ID of your USB Device.

  6. Enter the license activation code from your license information email.

  7. Click Activate

  8. You will be prompted that it will install the license file in this FlexLM installation. If it indicates that the license was successfully activated and installed on this FlexLM installation, take note of the “license filename”. And copy this from:

    "C:\Program Files\Lumerical\Lumerical-FlexLM\licenses\LUMERICL\"

    Otherwise, you will be prompted to Save the license file into a location where you have write access. Save the license file with your desired filename.

  9. Transfer the license file to your license server machine.

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