Academic Site License



What is Lumerical’s academic site license?

Lumerical’s Site License is part of Lumerical’s Academic Program that gives you the opportunity to share a large reserve of licenses between research groups, department, or entire institution. The site license covers Lumerical’s complete design and simulation suite, allowing you to choose the best license combination for your simulation requirements.

The complete design and simulation suite includes but not limited to the following:

  • FDTD Solutions
  • MODE Solutions
  • DEVICE Integrated Design
    • Charge Transport Solver
    • Heat Transport Solver
    • DGTD Optical Solver
    • FEEM Solver
    and other *interoperability and *license features which are normally sold separately.

For more details on the Site License and Lumerical’s Academic Program, please visit Lumerical’s Academic Program - Site License page.


  • This applies to all Floating License Models
  • Unless using a Floating Triad Redundant license, it is to be activated on 1 license manager.
  • Please coordinate with your IT department on installation and configuration of the FlexNet license manager on your license server or cluster.
  • Access to the licenses can be controlled or defined using the Options File.

For installation scenarios, please refer to this KX post:

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