Absolute input optical power from source in VPD simulation


I read Vertical Photodetector simulation in knowledge base, and trying to simulate different optical input optical power simulation(IV curve).

However, normalized power is used in the example, which I can know from the generation rate code.

Is there any possible solution to verify the exact absolute optical input power from the source?

That may help to simulate for various optical power condition.

Hi. You can use the script command “sourcepower” to get the actual optical input power from the source in the FDTD simulation. This same command is used in the analysis group while normalizing the result w.r.t. the input power.

Note that the whole point of doing the normalization in the analysis group is to make input power sweeping easier. As long as the system is linear, the generation rate will vary linearly with input optical power. Thus you can set the “source power” in the analysis group to (say) 1 mW (0.001 W) and then use the scale factor in the import generation object in CHARGE solver to run the electrical simulation for different optical power without needing to run any more optical simulation.