About the unit of conductivity in FDTD Solutions



As far as I’m concerned the unit of the electrical conductivity is siemens per meter (S/m) [1]. The unit implemented in FDTD Solutions is (micro)siemens as you can see the below image. Is there some reason to use the different unit of the conductivity in FDTD solutions?




Microsiemens is the default unit for conductivity, but it may not be the most appropriate depending on your application, so you may want to select a different unit to use. This is similar to how the default unit of time is is femtoseconds instead of seconds which is the SI unit, and this is because the femtosecond time scale is a the typical timescale of an optical simulation.

From my understanding, the conductivity units setting current only affects the units displayed in the material explorer plot when you plot the conductivity of a graphene type material.