3 X 3 MMI s parameter import - import file format



I want to import the s parameters generated by using EME simulation on a 3 x 3 MMI with taper to the interconnect. What is the format in the data , like arrangements of row and column of the transmission in each port in the lumarical data file?

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Hi @minusunny,

The S-parameter file formats are described here. For the component you are interested in, you will most likely have to use an “Optical N Port S-Parameter” element.
You will find some examples in the KB page of that element.

I hope this will help!


Thank you.How to get s parameters in terms of frequency to import as a text file?


Sorry for the delay!

The EME solver being a frequency domain solver, you can do a parameter sweep over the frequency/wavelength.
As this could be quite time consuming (it requires to recalculate the modes at each frequency), you can also try and use the wavelength sweep feature: it is using a perturbative approach. You can find some information here.

In any case, you will need some scripting to put the data into the correct format.


Thank you for the response