2D Stack Wavelength Sweep compare to stackrt Theory


I am trying to do a simple wavelength sweep for a 2D thin-film simulation. I have been running into problems when comparing the reflectivity from the simulation vs the theory from the stackrt function (they don’t match). I have gone back to this example from lumerical (https://kb.lumerical.com/en/diffractive_optics_stack_planewave_technique.html), and only modified it to add a wavelength sweep, to see if the problem went away, but they still don’t match. I believe now that the problem is possibly in how I am setting up the sweep, or using the stackrt function. I’ve included my simulation and script.


plane_4layer.fsp (447.9 KB)
plane_4layer_wavelength.lsf (1.0 KB)



I don’t know if this is your only issue, but in your simulation you have an angle of 60 degrees, however, you do not specify the angle when you call the stackrt function (so it defaults to 0 degrees). If you change line 35 of your script to

RT_Theory = stackrt(n,d,f,60);

You get the following result, which is maybe what you’re after.


Yes this worked.

Thank you.


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