2D simulations - perpendicular polarization

Hi there,

What I try to do is quite simple. I’m trying to simulate a dielectric (n=4) cylinder/wire on n=1.3 background in 2D. While the simulation converge nicely for a plane wave polarized parallel to the simulation’s plane, for perpendicular polarization the “auto-shutoff level” fluctuates and won’t reach the shutoff criteria.

May I even use 2D simulation in this case? I’ve attached the simulation file.

Wire2D_r=150nm_n=4.fsp (248.5 KB)

Dear @tsafrirabir

I did some modification into your simulation file. One important thing to note is that you can not use PML BCs with plane wave sources as it causes edge effects. So either use TFSF source or periodic BCs.

I also did some convergence testing and it looks like stablized PML with 128 layers is sufficient. Please see the attached simulation file.

Wire2D_r=150nm_n=4.fsp (250.5 KB)