2d model wont run in 3d despite everything being changed to 3d

I had a model that ran just fine with a 2d FDTD area and 2d monitors. I wanted to then run in in 3d so set the FDTD to 3d as well as any monitors that were capable of it. (I am running everything including setup from the script by the way.)

However my model errors very quickly with the messages:

“Warning: /home/lb18g12/Matthew/1x2rib/3D film/1x2MMI.lsf line 424: in runparallel: there was no simulation data. The simulation failed to run.
… done @ 12:56 (End of setup)
Error: /home/lb18g12/Matthew/1x2rib/3D film/1x2MMI.lsf line 444: in getdata, the d-card named MonitorWGIn1 was not found.
This is likely because you are in Layout Mode and need to switch to Analysis Mode by running the simulation
or opening a simulation that contains data.
Also, try the command ‘?getdata;’ to see the which global d-cards are available.”

The problem is that my mode monitor is no longer receiving any monitors for expansion (called MonitorWGIn1, but I dont know why?

The monitor called MonitorWGIn1 is set to 3d, however the mode monitor only has 2d settings. Is this the case of my error?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @md12g12

As you said for some reason the monitor didn’t get populated with data which might be because of the problem that you mentioned. Can you please upload your simulation file for review?


I have fixed it, the problem was the 3d files were saved in a different format which contained a space in the file name. So lumerical could create the file “3d film” but not read it. This was complicated by lumerical saying the model file had run but returns no data. A more useful error would be great in the future but thanks for your time.


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